I am making available several “drone” domain names for purchase. You may either purchase a domain name outright for the full purchase price, (which is non-negotiable), or you may make non-refundable monthly “rent-to-own” payments of $25.00, until your payments equal the full purchase price. At that time, I will authorize a transfer of domain name ownership to you.

If you wish to purchase a domain name, here’s how the process works:

  • You send me an email expressing your intent to purchase one of the listed domain names.
  • I will reply to your email with an invoice for the full purchase price.
  • If you decide to purchase the domain name, you will either submit payment in full or your first “rent-to-own” payment of $25.00.
  • Upon receipt of either type of payment, I will change the Domain Name Servers from mine to your’s. (It might take up to 48 hours for the change of Name Servers to propagate around the internet.)
  • You will continue to submit “rent-to-own” payments upon receipt of each monthly invoice.
  • I will not use, sell, lease, rent or otherwise transfer the domain name to anyone else, and you will have exclusive use of the domain name.

Once your “rent-to-own” payments equal the full purchase price, I will authorize a transfer of the domain name’s ownership from me to you.

Please note: “Rent-to-own” payments are non-refundable because you will benefit from exclusive use of the domain during the “rent-to-own” period. If you fail to submit any “rent-to-own” payment as it comes due, our agreement to sell/purchase shall be terminated immediately; I will change the Domain Name Servers from your’s back to mine; and the domain name will be made available for purchase again to the general public.